This website has been established by the family of Marjorie Nugent to memorialize her life and to act as a resource to others who may have had an elderly loved one exploited by others or who may be dealing with a current situation. It is also the desire of Marjorie’s family to inform others of her life and circumstances of her death.

The family had not spoken out until recently, when the release of Marjorie’s murderer, on bail as a result of a Hollywood movie, made it no longer an option to remain silent on the other side of this story. Marjorie Nugent was murdered in 1996, by her friend and companion Bernie Tiede. He then stuffed her body in a freezer and lied to family members and townspeople until her body was discovered by her son and granddaughter. Subsequently, a movie was made called “Bernie,” and the murderer became a celebrity.

The family believes that the Texas Justice system has been subjugated to Hollywood story telling. Please give us any feedback you would like. We would especially like to hear from you if your family has experienced anything similar or if you know anything you think the family should know. We will respect your privacy.

Thank you,

The Nugent Family

Family Talks About East Texas Murder Case That Inspired Hollywood Movie

Nov. 21, 2015